Khoury Sanitar, a leading sanitary ware companies in Lebanon

Khoury Sanitary is one of the leading sanitary ware companies in Lebanon counting in its portfolio some of the world’s top-quality brands in the sanitary industry.
The company was established in 1995 by brothers Nassif and Ghassan Khoury with a vision to provide customers with state-of-the-art sanitary solutions that combine superior quality with high aesthetics and smart convenience.
In just a couple of years, Khoury Sanitary became a reference for quality sanitary ware in the country, offering its constantly growing customer-base personalized services and a wide range of international sanitary products at affordable prices. 

Today, Khoury Sanitary enjoys a solid reputation in the market with almost two decades of proven records. By keeping a close eye on quality, maintaining impeccable customer satisfaction levels, and offering the latest innovations in the world of sanitary ware at the best prices, Khoury Sanitary is your preferred sanitary partner for all your construction and renovation projects.